U.S. Federal Specifications

Products Manufactured
Most products available in various colors and sheens

TT-E-485 — Enamel, Semi Gloss Rust Inhibiting
TT-E-487 — Enamel, Floor and Deck
TT-E-489 — Enamel, Alkyd Gloss
TT-E-490 — Enamel, Silicone Alkyd, Semi Gloss
TT-E-491 — Enamel, Gloss, Synthetic (For metal and wood hospital furniture)
TT-E-496 — Enamel, Heat Resisting Black (400F)
TT-E-505 — Enamel, Odorless Gloss, Interior
TT-E-506 — Enamel, Gloss Interior
TT-E-508 — Enamel, Semi-gloss, Interior
TT-E-509 — Enamel, Odorless Semi-Gloss Interior
TT-E-515 — Enamel, Lusterless Quick Drying
TT-E-516 — Enamel, Lusterless Quick Drying Styrenated
TT-E-522 — Enamel, Phenolic, Outside
TT-E-527 — Enamel, Alkyd, Lusterless
TT-E-529 — Enamel, Alkyd, Semi-Gloss
TT-E-535 — Coating, Epoxy, Two-Component, for Interior use on Metal, Wood, Wallboard, Painted Surfaces, Concrete and Masonry
TT-C-542 — Coating, Polyurethane, Oil-Free Moisture-Curing
TT-E-543 — Enamel, Interior Undercoat
TT-C-545 — Coatings, Polyester-Epoxy
TT-E-545 — Enamel, Odorless Interior Undercoat
TT-T-548 — Toluene, Technical
TT-C-550 — Coating System, Glaze, High Performance (Solvent Base) for Interior Surfaces
TT-C-555 — Coating, Textured (For Interior and Exterior Masonry Surfaces)
TT-W-572 — Wood Preservative, Water Repellent
TT-P-615 — Primer Coating: Basic Lead Silico Chromate, Ready-Mixed
TT-P-620 — Primer Coating Conditioner for Chalking Exterior Surfaces
TT-P-636 — Primer Coating, Alkyd, Wood/Metal
TT-P-641 — Primer Coating, Zinc Dust-Zinc Oxide
TT-P-645 — Primer, Paint, Zinc-Chromate, Alkyd Type
TT-P-650 — Primer Coating, Latex Base, Interior
TT-P-651 — Liquid Driers
TT-P-659 — Primer Coating and Surfacer, Synthetic
TT-P-664 — Primer Coating, Synthetic, Rust Inhibiting, Lacquer-Resisting
TT-E-1793 — Enamel, Semi-Gloss Metal and Wood
TT-F-1098 — Block Filler Solvent Thinned
TT-L-20 — Lacquer Camouflage
TT-L-26 — Lacquer Gloss Brushing
TT-L-32 — Lacquer Gloss for Aircraft
TT-L-40 — Lacquer Lusterless Obliterating
TT-L-54 — Lacquer Acid Resistant
TT-L-57 — Lacquer Rubbing, Clear, Wood Finishing
TT-L-58 — Lacquer, Spraying Clear and Pigmented
TT-P-19 — Paint, Acrylic Emulsion Exterior
TT-L-20 — Lacquer, Camouflage
TT-P-24 — Paint, Oil, Concrete and Masonry
TT-P-25 — Paint, Oil, Primer, Undercoat for Wood
TT-P-26 — Paint, Fire Retardant, Interior
TT-P-28 — Paint, Aluminum, Heat Resisting (1200F)
TT-P-29 — Paint, Latex Base Interior Flat
TT-P-30 — Paint, Alkyd Odorless Interior Flat
TT-P-31 — Paint, Oil, Iron Oxide, Ready Made
TT-P-32 — Paint, Blackboard Coating
TT-P-34 — Paint, Fire Retardant, Exterior
TT-P-37 — Paint, Alkyd, Exterior Trim
TT-P-38 — Paint, Aluminum Ready Mixed
TT-P-47 — Paint, Non-Penetrating, Flat
TT-V-51 — Varnish: Asphalt
TT-P-52 — Paint, Oil, Wood Shakes and Siding
TT-P-53 — Paint, Ready-Mixed, O/Side
TT-L-54 — Lacquer: Spraying, Acid-Resistant
TT-P-55 — Paint, P.V.A. Emulsion Exterior
TT-P-57 — Paint, Zinc Yellow-Iron Oxide Primer
TT-L-58 — Lacquer: Spraying (Interior Use)
TT-P-59 — Paint, Ready-Mixed International Orange
TT-P-61 — Paint, Exterior Black
TT-P-71 — Paint, Exterior Green
TT-P-81 — Paint, Oil. Ready Mixed Exterior
TT-V-81 — Varnish: Mixing, For Aluminum Paint
TT-P-85 — Paint, Traffic and Airfield Marking
TT-P-86 — Paint, Red Lead Base, Ready Mixed
TT-P-87 — Paint, Traffic, Premixed, Reflectorized
TT-P-90 — Paint, Oil, Gray Green Roof Coating
TT-P-91 — Paint, Rubber Base Interior for Floors
TT-N-95 — Naphtha: Aliphatic
TT-P-95 — Paint, Rubber, Swimming Pools and Concrete
TT-P-96 — Paint, Latex Base Exterior
TT-P-97 — Paint, Styrene Butadiene Solvent Base
TT-P-98 — Paint, Stencil, Flat
TT-P-102 — Paint, Oil, Alkyd Exterior
TT-P-103 — Paint, Titanium, Zinc and Oil Exterior
TT-P-105 — Paint, Oil, Chalk Resistant, Lead Free Exterior
TT-V-109 — Varnish, Spar, Alkyd Resin
TT-P-110 — Paint, Traffic, Black
TT-P-115 — Paint, Traffic, Highway, White and Yellow
TT-V-119 — Varnish, Spar, Phenolic-Resin
TT-V-121 — Varnish, Spar, Water-Resisting
TT-S-176 — Sealer, Surface, Varnish Type, Floor
TT-S-179 — Sealer, Surface Renewer for Wood
TT-L-190 — Linseed Oil, Boiled
TT-S-190 — Sealer, Sanding, Lacquer Type
TT-T-266 — Thinner: Dope and Lacquer
TT-T-291 — Thinner, Paint, Mineral Spirits
TT-S-300 — Shellac, Cut
TT-T-306 — Thinners, Synthetic Resins, Enamel
TT-P-320 — Pigment, Aluminum, Powder and Paste
TT-F-336 — Filler, Wood, Paste
TT-P-385 — Pigments in Oil, Tinting Colors
TT-X-916 — Xylene (For use in Organic Coatings)
TT-P-1046 — Primer, Coating Zinc Dust
TT-F-1098 — Filler, Block, Solvent Thinned for Porous Surfaces
TT-P1181 — Paint, Styrene Acrylate Solvent Base
TT-B-1325 — Glass Beads
TT-P-1411 — Paint, Copolymer-Resin, Cementitous
SS-S-1416 — Concrete Surface Sealing Compound
CID-AA1500 — Latex Block Filler
TT-P-1510 — Paint, Latex Interior for Wood
TT-P-1511 — Paint, Latex Interior Gloss and Semi-Gloss
TT-P-1565 — Paint, Boot-Topping, Black
TT-E-1593 — Enamel, Silicone Alkyd Copolymer
TT-P-1728 — Primer Coating, Zinc-Chromate, Low Moisture-Sensitivity
TT-P-1757 — Primer, Zinc Chromate
TT-E-1793 — Enamel, Semi-Gloss, for Metal and Wood
TT-P-1952 — Paint, Traffic Water Base
TT-P-1984 — Primer Coating, Latex Base, Exterior
TT-P-2219 — Latex
TT-S-171 — Sealer, Floor Lacquer Type
TT-S-176 — Sealer, Floor Wood Varnish Type
TT-S-179 — Sealer, Pigmented Oil, Wallboard
TT-S-190 — Sealer, Sanding Lacquer Type
TT-S-708 — Stain, Oil Semi Transparent Exterior
TT-S-711 — Stain, Oil Wood Interior
TT-P-791 — Putty: Linseed-Oil Type (For Wood)
TT-V-71 — Varnish, Interior Floor and Trim
TT-V-81 — Varnish, Mixing for Aluminum Paint
TT-V-85 — Varnish, Oil, Low Sheen
TT-V-109 — Varnish, Spar, Alkyd Resin
TT-V-119 — Varnish, Spar, Phenolic Resin
TT-V-121 — Varnish, Spar, Water Resisting

Specification Thinners and Solvents
The required thinners and solvents for all the specification coatings the Simpson Coatings Group, Inc. manufactures are available on request.

Note: The above list of Government Specifications was compiled from the most commonly used specification. If the product needed is not listed, or further information is required, please contact The Simpson Coatings Group, Inc., Technical Sales and Service Department.

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